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Zombie Sniping


A city lies in ruins, and dangerous creatures lurk in the shadows of the once glorious buildings. The zombie horde has arrived, so grab your sniper rifle and put an end to their dominion over the city in the thrilling game Zombie Sniper. Lumbering across the ruined streets with nothing but an urge to destroy, these zombies will pose a challenge to even the most skillful survivor. Can you stop them before their gruesome grasp reaches you, and turns you into a feast for flesh-eating ghouls?


Aim through your increased volume, and shoot the zombies! Your mission is in limited time, to eliminate zombies as much as possible. Check your shooting skills in Zombie Sniping!
Move your mouse to aim

Right click to use scope

Mouse scroll to zoom-in/out in scope

Hold shift to stabilize the scope

Left click to shoot