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Hit Targets


Hit Targets is an online game where you’ll be using a sniper rifle. Your objective will be to hit all of the targets in a specific level. At the beginning this will be easy, since the objects will be very close to each other. Each level will rack up the difficulty a bit and with each level, the targets will be getting a bit smaller. The greater the distance between you and the target, the more you’ll scope will be moving. You also need to count with wind speed and direction. So in total, there’s 15 levels awaiting you. So come on, let’s play!

Hit the Target illustrates the effects that increasing delays and decision steps can have on the success of achieving a goal. The exercise can be used with a large audience. It requires only 15 minutes and no special materials to demonstrate how adding layers of management can reduce the accuracy of any hierarchical system. The game is described for use in reaching target levels for greenhouse gas concentrations. But it can easily be reframed to deal with an extremely diverse set of other issues.

Mouse Control