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Soviet Sniper


It is with tremendous excitement that right now we come back to the Shooting Games category, because we know that it is one of the most popular categories of games we currently have on our website, so it is our pleasure that right now we can share with you all a game such as Soviet Sniper, which is one of the most fun sniper games online we have ever played on this page, and it is precisely for that reason that we knew the game had to be brought over immediately. We will now proceed by explaining how it works, so pay attention, and then make sure you give it your absolute best! There are going to be enemies showing up, in waves, with a distance of ten seconds between each oncoming wave. What you have to do is kill the enemies as soon as possible, as the more you take out, the more points you are going to get. You are sniping, so you are in a fixed position, so all you need to do is use the mouse to aim and shoot your gun. It is that simple, and it is also really fun, so we hope that you will begin having fun with the game right now, and who knows, maybe you will be sharing it with your friends as well!

Use the mouse.