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Counter Strike 1.6 ONLINE


You certainly know Counter Strike game. It is perhaps the best known game classic among shooter. Newer parts are coming out, but classic never gets tired. Become a terrorist who plants bombs or a counter terrorist fighting against explosives. Win round and make money. Buy the best weapons for each round. Now you don’t need anything other than your browser to play Counter Strike! Go back to well known locations or discover new ones. The game has a lot of game modes. Decide who you want to be right now. Have fun.


CS Online (CS 1.6) – Classic FPS action. Play Counter-Strike online with other players worldwide in your browser! Counter-Strike 1.6 is one of the best-loved FPS games of all time. This title is a classic and played by millions of people around the world. Although the graphics haven’t changed in decades, the core gameplay and action remain the selling point.

In this online browser version of CS GO, players can jump straight into the action. In order to play, or to work the game, players simply have to have a modern web browser, and a mouse and keyboard. A powerful computer isn’t required, but it is advisable to have a steady internet connection.


This shooting game is a fan-made version, but features weapons, maps, and characters from the original Counter-Strike Global Offensive. Players have to move around each map and try to eliminate their opponents. They must keep moving and stay alert – enemies could be rushing towards them, or camping in a corner waiting for the kill.


To start with, players are armed with just a basic revolver and the combat knife. Those who prefer to shoot will enjoy using the revolver – shots must be accurate. Alternatively, if a player prefers to get up close and personal, the combat knife is the melee weapon of choice.


Different weapons can be picked up – players will recognize these from the Counter-Strike series. Furthermore, different maps from the original games are available to play. One map, for example, contains a large mansion with underground tunnels. Players must navigate the corridors and try to avoid eliminating civilians.


The main lobby is easy to navigate. On the left-hand side, there is a list of controls and options. Players can customize their profile and change game settings. On the right-hand side, there is a list of current game lobbies available to join. Filters are available to change which types of games are displayed.


Classic maps such as CS Dust and CS Mansion are available – this gives a great dose of nostalgia. Don’t forget to use the menu to purchase new weapons – for each kill you gain, you earn cash. This is generally the only way you can obtain new weapons in the classic game mode.


Although the graphics may look dated, the gameplay is still awesome. CS Online brings back all the fun of the original series and lets you connect with gamers from around the world who love this franchise. Jump into a server today and see how many kills you can rack up!


WASD to move

R to reload

Shift to walk

M to change team

Tab to display scores

LMB to shoot

RMB to scope-up

G to drop the current weapon

B to enter buy menu

123 or arrow keys to switch weapons

C to duck

E to use