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Stickman Peacekeeper


Stickman Wars Game, Target Orientation and Mouse, on Mobile Cell Phones. Mouse over and enemy enemies and do not. The remaining energy at the top of the screen and your ammunition as well as the remaining number of enemy soldiers are shown graphically. Earn money by shooting everything at the head of enemy soldiers. With the money you earn, you are strengthening the weapons in your hands or buying new ones. Start each new episode with a more powerful and directing start than the previous one, to prevent your enemies from approaching the trench. Your enemies are constantly in the trench in case you shoot. Keep playing your stickman battles while preserving your energy this way.

Stickman Peacekeeper is an online game and You know, it the best way to stay peace by using violence on a certain extent actually. Here is a war simulation shooting game with stickman game art animation called Stickman Peacekeeper for you to experience the theory I said before. You are allowed to roll in the trench to avoid the bullets from your enemies. Just shoot them down and keep alive then!

Tap to shoot, use touch controls or W,S keys to move.