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Ghost Team Shooter


Ghost team shooter is a great first person 3D shooter game. This is a pretty rad online game which will keep you on your toes, play this game at your leisure or whenever you are feeling stressed to entertain and relax yourself. Use the mouse, arrow keys and other keyboard controls to play this game on your PC, tablet or phone. The aim of the game is as long as possible without dying before the limited time runs out. There are enemies coming at you from all sides in endless waves. You have just 3 weapons in your arsenal which are an assault rifle, pistol, and a sniper. To make it easy for you to kill them all, get a good position to block off at least two angles of attack. Ghost team shooter is a free game.


Yet another fine Counter Strike inspired FPS 3D game that you can play directly in your browser. Engage in the close combat, take down all enemy soldiers and try to survive the bullet storm, coming from waves of attackers. Good luck!

Game Controls: WASD – Move. SPACE – Jump. Number Keys – Change Weapons